The Rosaleda in the Retiro Park and other Flower Gardens

The Rose Garden of El Retiro takes on all its splendor in the months of May and June, when the roses bloom. Designed by Cecilio Rodríguez.  It is located in Madrid, Spain.

An oil painting of the Rosaleda in September. A large stone vase with fruit in the garden of red roses with a path leading to the park.

Rose Garden in September Madrid 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 41×61 cm 18×24″ €260

I remember this being a really hot day.  I wanted to paint two paintings in different lights north and west.

This one was painted in the west light and I like the blue light on the leaves.

Red and Pink Roses painted in west light of the Retrio Park Rose Garden

Roses West light September 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 40×50 cm 16×20″ €200

This is the North light.

Red roses painted on the red rose bushes in the Retiro Rose Garden

Roses North light September 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 40×50 cm 16×20″ €200 

There was a funny plant growing on the terrace all winter long and something unexpected and unusual happen in June. Suddenly it got really cold and we had a hail storm. The next morning all these yellow flowers bloomed and it was really hot.

unbearably hot…

June Flowers 2017

Bright Yellow Flowers with Red spalshed in the middle in a Garden Pot

Sunny June Flowers 2017 Plein Air Painting Oil on Canvas 33×41 cm 13×16 ”  €175

This was La Noche de San Juan.  The sky was an incredible deep blue.

An oil painting of Saint Juan's Night. A dark vivid blue sky with buildings in the background, a light blue railing, a short retention clay clolred wall and pink and crimson flowers against the background.

La Noche de San Juan 2002 Oil on Canvas 46×55 cm 18 x21.6 ”   €195

These pretty little bell flowers are in a garden in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. 

Pink bell like flowers and little blue bell like flowers growing in San Francisco Oil Painting

San Francisco Wild flowers 1993 Oil on Canvas 51x 41cm 20x 16″ €150

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