California Seascape Plein Air Watercolor

California Seascapes

This beach is called children’s beach.  If you go, you’ll see why.  They are all looking at the fish with goggles, snorkels and fins.  But if you don’t like to be surrounded by plankton and kelp, you might not want to go in the water.

Watercolor of La Jolla Cove in San Diego California. A blue sky over the Pacific ocean with land in the horizon.

La Jolla Cove San Diego, California 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 gsm Mattedin  8×10 inch ivory colored museum board €85 Euros

Here’s  anothe watercolor of the same place.  I dared to put in two figures this time.  There were children all over the place since this is Children’s Beach, but moving around too much to paint. ha,ha.

Watercolor of La Jolla Shores. A beach with hills in the background.

La Jolla Shores, San Diego California 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM Painted Area 15.5x 24.5 cm Matted 11×14 in ivory color museum board. €85 Euros

La Jolla Beach from the low cliff shoreline  Nowadays this area is occupied by large sea mammels and birds. They have made it their own sanctuary. 

Watercolor of La Jolla Beach San Diego California Blue water, pink sky with rocky terf.

La Jolla Beach 1986, San Diego, California Watercolor – 14.5×19.5cm.- Location San Diego, California

Another Beautiful Beach is Drake’s Beach crossing the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco and a very long drive to get there.

Watercolor of Drakes Beach on a cloudy day with green cliffs

Drakes Beach 1986 Watercolor – 14.5×19.5cm €80 Euros

This area is a bird sanctuary overlooking San Francisco called  Elsie B. Roemer Bird Sanctuary in Alameda, California

A watercolor of the shoreline painted under a big tree. soft background with pink and purple mountains, blue water with little white waves., a flimsly looking stick fence protecting the wildlife sanctuary.

Alameda Shoreline 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM 28×38 cm 11×15 in  €80 Euros

Watercolor of San Francisco skyline with big blue and pink clouds a bird in the sky and green grass weed and a tree A view from Alameda

Alameda Bay View of San Francisco, California 2010 Watercolor on Arches 300 gsm – Matted in  8×10 inch Museum Board – (20.3×25.4cm) €85 Euros

A watercolor of a natural yell flowered brush growing in front of a fence encosing the bird sanctuary in Alameda.

The Bay Area 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM 11 x15 in 28×38 cm – Location: San Diego €95 Euros

Here is a view of the Alameda Bay Area.  I love painting because it takes me back to the moment.

Watercolor of Alameda Lagoon A blue sky and the Blue Lagoon with houses and boats on a sunny day.

Alameda Lagoon 2010 Watercolor on Arches 300 gms Matted in  11×14 inch ivory colored museum board painted area 16×26 cm €85 Euros

A watercolor of one of the many Lagoons in Alameda. Houses on each side of a saltwater river with a fence in the foregroound.

Lagoon in Alameda 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM 28×38 cm 11 x15 in €85 Euros

Lake Anza in Tildon Park.  The kids all went fishing with Carlos and I got to contemplate this strange tower in the middle of a lake.

Watercolor of Lake Tildon, a park with lakes and a tower in the middle with green mountains in the background and blue sky with puffy white clouds.

Lake Anza Tildon Park 2010 Watercolor – 7.5 x 11 inches €60 Euros

A watercolor of Spanish Village in Balboa Park White small adobe looking houses with purple or violet trim, Eucalyptis trees in the background with a clear celest blue sky. There are little hanging pots all around with little violet and red different shaped flowers.

Spanish Village Balboa Park San Diego, California 1986 Watercolor 38×56.5 cm 14.9×22.2 in €200 Euros

A watercolor of San Diego State University Patio Spanish Style

San Diego State University 1988 Watercolor 29.5x 42cm 11.6×16.5 in – Location San Diego, California €95 Euros

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