Madrid, Aranjuez and Fountains of Spain

Real Basilic de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid 2019 Oil on wood 20×25cm (7.8×9.8 in) €40
Aranjuez Spring of 2019 Oil on wood 20×25cm (7.8×9.8 inches) €40


La Almudena 2019 Oil on wood 21×30cm (8×11.8 inches) €40

This is the fountain of the Nymphs.  It is a beautiful sight  all year long, but in the spring is when I like it most.  You can see a variety of greens and gold ochers.

Fuente de las Ninfas in the Retiro Park of Madrid Spain

Fuente de Las Ninfas September Madrid, Spain 2008 Egg Tempera on Canvas 73×100 cm  28.7×39.3″  Madrid, Spain €950 

Fuente de la Alcachofa is a beautiful central double dish fountain with mythological motif in the Retiro Park. Madrid Spain. 

Double Dish Spanish Fountain with mythological motif in the Retiro Park in Madrid Spain

Fuente de la Alcachofa 2008 Egg Tempera on stretched canvas 46×55 cm 18×21″ €300

I love this fountain.  It’s called the Faun Fountain.  I’ve painted it many times.  I like the contrast of the soft roses with the cold hard stone.

Base of fountain of mythological motif of dolphins

The Dolphin Fountain in La Rosaleda del Buen Retiro Madrid Spain 2017 Egg Tempera on stretched linen 33×41 cm 13×16″  €175 

Parque Azorìn is near my house, less than five minutes away.  I love the fact that there are fountains all over Spain. It’s a must because the summers are scorching hot. I mean, really hot.

Oil Painting of Azorín Park. A sunny blue sky with clouds, typical trees in Madrid, the city in the background and a path leading to a flat double pond with a fountain shooting up in the large pond.

Parque Azorìn Madrid, Spain Oil on Canvas 81×100 cm  28.7×39.3 ” €800

This the Fuente de Narciso in Aranjuez, Spain  We tied this canvas on the top of the car and drove back and forth from Madrid to Aranjuez until I finished it. It is a very large painting that would brighten up a living room with a bit of nature and mythology.

Large Oil Painting of Parque del Principe in Aranjuez, Spain. There is a stone fountain in the center of the painting with a statue of Narciso on the top and the base is made up of 4 statues of Atlas holding up the base of the dish. There are also large birds perhaps geese in the pond shoot up water high in the air.

Fuente de Narciso Aranjuez, Spain 2001 Oil on stretched canvas 100×116 cm 45,7×39,4 ”  €1,450 

If you are interested in a piece, you can contact me on the form below.  Shipping is not included.

Thanks for taking the time, I do not share personal details with anybody.


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