Drawing on Paper & Pen and Ink Wash

Drawing of a young girl with dark eyes and long pulled back black hair. It's a bust portrait.
Pencil Drawing of Alerie
A loose hatch drawing of a can of pipo pimientos. A Mexican brand used as a money stash.
Pipo Pimientos 1989 Lead pencil on 18 x 24 sheet of drawing paper  €80 Euros
A charcoal drawing on paper of a clay beethoven ludwig van deathmask.
Beethoven Ludwig Van Death Masque Still life pencil on paper 1985 Charcoal pencil onsheet of drawing paper  60×46 cm 18×24 in €80 Euros
A colored pencil drawing of paintings in the attic. wooden beems.
Sitting in the Attic in 1985 60×46 cm “18×24” sheet of drawing paper  €120 Euros
A pen and wash of the bathroom sink. There is a mirror in the background reflecting bottles that are not in the picture, a bottle of nivea infront of the mirror, a little hand mirror on the counter, a basket full of jars, the hand towel holder and the sink with a bit of the faucet showing.
Nivea Cream 1986 Watercolor 38×56 cm 14.9×22 in Acquired
A Pen&Ink Wash of the kitchen sink. The sink, the faucits and part of the window sil can be seen. There is a glass with a spoon in the sink and the colors are blues, browns on lots of white of the paper.
The KitchenSink1986 Pen & Ink Wash on Paper 45.5×60.5cm 18×24 in €80 Euros

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