Figurative Art – Mixed Technique

Epic Poetry Illustrative Figure Painting

Figurative is story telling… Here below is the Pilgrim lying down in a dark forest, petrified of the three beasts who block his way to the top of the hill where he can see a light in the darkness.

Middle aged man lying in a dark forest, A whiteish grey wolf is coming through the trees, Painting

Canto I (49 -60) Thrust into Hopeless Thought 2014 Egg Tempera on Canvas 81x100cm 31.8×39.3 in €720 Euros

 Canto II Beatriz summons Virgil to guide the Pilgrim to the light where she is.

Beatriz speaking to Virgil about finding the Pilgram and help him out of the dark forest. Painting of a man with long hair and a blond with eyes brighter than the stars

Canto II (55) Beatriz Summons Virgil in Limbo 2012 Resin-oil on Canvas 33 x 41cm 12.9 x 16.1 in €220 Euros

Canto III Virgil and the Pilgram are waiting to cross the River.

A boat in a raging sea with hundreds of lost soals waiting to board. A painting in grey scale

Canto III (55-57) Unmade Souls (In Process) 2014 Egg tempera on Canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3in €720 Euros

The painting below is Canto IV; in Limbo…

The next day, we came to the foot of a noble castle, circled seven times by high walls. A fair creek encircled the walls, but we crossed it as if it was hard ground. I went in through the seven gates with the sages, and we came to a healthy green meadow.

An oil resin painting of Dante's Inferno Canto IV in Limbo. There are two figures in the foreground and a castle in the background with a light illuminatiing the sky with trees on both sides.

Canto IV Limbo 2017 Resin Oil on Canvas, Canto IV, Limbo 2017 73×100 cm 28.7×39.3in €1,165 Euros

Canto IV  modern written version here..

Canto V

A painting of women in a circular whirl wind

Canto V The Lustful 2016 In process

Canto V The lustfull had their head in a cloud while alive, now they are tossed around in an endless dirty dust storm.

A couple in a forest with a feline cat in between the trees of a dark forest

Canto V (121) 2012 Resin oil on Canvas 33x41cm  13×16 in €220 Euros

Another version of Canto V.

Three headed dog Cerberus barking at the spectator. Painting on canvas

Canto VI (13-15) Cerberus 2016 Mixed technique on Canvas 33x41cm  13×16 in €220 Euros

Canto VI portrays the gluttons in some sort of dirty water hailstorm turning in the cold icy water.

Painting of three winged females, a lion, a wolf and a cat sanimal in the evening standing on ruins.

Canto IX (45-48) Erinyes 2014 Egg Tempera on Canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3in €1,010 Euros

Canto IX Violence against Nature.

Paradise Lost Chapter V is really beautiful.  Read it if you get the chance.

A painting of Eve with light hair and skin under the blue moonlit sky holding an apple

Eve’s Dream 2014 Mixed technique on canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3in €1,010 Euros

Eve, just as she bites into the apple.


Helen and Alexander painting of nude couple embrasing in front of a courtain, bed and a view into a garden

The Rapture of Helen 2007 Oil on Canvas 55×46 cm 21.6×18 in €315 Euros

Painting of Circe looking at a ship in the horizon, beckoning Ulysses to come. Yellow colors in the sky, hair and sand with a sky blue water

Circe Beckoning Ulysses 2009 Mixed technique on Canvas 46x61cm 18×24 in €350 Euros

Painting of young girl in a dark forest

Thisbe 1996 Oil on Canvas 91x73cm 35.8×28.7 €1,060 Euros

A resin oil painting of a female robot looking at a man who in turn is taking a picture of her in a room with a mirror.

Right Here, Right Now 2015 Resin oil on canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3 in €1,290 Euros

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