Figurative Art – Egg Tempera & Oil on Canvas

Egg Tempera Painting of Eve with an apple in her hand

Eve’s Dream 2014 Unvarnished Egg Tempera on canvas 81×100 cm 32×39″ $1,448

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oil painting and other medium on canvas of a young lady surrounded by a nightmare

Ten Foot Pole 1989 oil on canvas 61 x122 cm / 24 x 48 in $1448

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Boy looking though looking glass at a blank canvas, a painting with a ceramic vase, table and butterfly

Through the Looking Glass  2012  Oil on Canvas 33x41cm 13×16 in $243

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Oil Painting of Dante and Virgil standing in front of a seven wall castle

Limbo 2017 Resin Oil on Stretched Cotton Canvas 73 x 100 cm / 29×39 in $1,448

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oil painting of Helen and Paris in front of a garden

The Rapture of Helen 2007 Oil on stretched Canvas 46×55 cm 18×21.5 in $229

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Oil Painting of Francesca and Paolo

Francesca and Paolo Canto V (121) 2012 Resin oil on Canvas 33x41cm  13×16 ” $229

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A miniature oil painting of Andromeda and the sea creature

Andromeda and the Sea Creature 2020 Oil on Wood Panel 13×18 cm / 5×7 inches $76

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wood cut

Neil 1992 Life-size Woodcut  Make me an Offer


Thanks for taking the time.  Feel free to contact me on the form below. 

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