Figurative Art – Egg Tempera and Oil on Canvas

Epic Poetry Illustrative Figure Painting

The Dark Forest

Middle aged man lying in a dark forest, A whiteish grey wolf is coming through the trees, Painting

Canto I (49 -60) Thrust into Hopeless Thought 2014 Egg Tempera and Oil  on Canvas 81x100cm 31.8×39.3″  €720

 The Lady Whose Eyes Were Brighter than the Stars.

Beatriz speaking to Virgil about finding the Pilgram and help him out of the dark forest. Painting of a man with long hair and a blond with eyes brighter than the stars

Canto II (55) Beatriz Summons Virgil in Limbo 2012 Egg Tempera and Oil on Canvas 33 x 41cm 12.9 x 16.1 ” €195

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

A boat in a raging sea with hundreds of lost soals waiting to board. A painting in grey scale

Canto III (55-57) Unmade Souls (In Process) 2014 Egg tempera on Canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3″ €720

The Castle

An oil resin painting of Dante's Inferno Canto IV in Limbo. There are two figures in the foreground and a castle in the background with a light illuminatiing the sky with trees on both sides.

Canto IV Limbo 2017 Egg Tempera and  Oil on Canvas, Canto IV, Limbo 2017 73×100 cm 28.7×39.3″ €995 Euros

Canto IV  modern written version here..

The Dust Storm

A painting of women in a circular whirl wind

Canto V The Lustful 2016 Egg tempera on Canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3″ €720

The Forest

A couple in a forest with a feline cat in between the trees of a dark forest

Canto V (121) 2012 Resin oil on Canvas 33x41cm  13×16 ” €195


Three headed dog Cerberus barking at the spectator. Painting on canvas

Canto VI (13-15) Cerberus 2016 Egg Tempera and Oil on Canvas 33x41cm  13×16 ” €195

The Three Furies

Painting of three winged females, a lion, a wolf and a cat sanimal in the evening standing on ruins.

Canto IX (45-48) Erinyes 2014 Egg Tempera and Oil on Canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3″ €995

Eve’s Dream

A painting of Eve with light hair and skin under the blue moonlit sky holding an apple

Eve’s Dream 2014 Unvarnished  Egg Tempera on canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3″ €1,010 Euros

Helen and Alexander

Helen and Alexander painting of nude couple embrasing in front of a courtain, bed and a view into a garden

The Rapture of Helen 2007 Oil on Canvas 55×46 cm 21.6×18 ” €195 


Painting of Circe looking at a ship in the horizon, beckoning Ulysses to come. Yellow colors in the sky, hair and sand with a sky blue water

Circe Beckoning Ulysses 2009 Egg Tempera and Oil on  Canvas 46x61cm 18×24 ” €195 Euros


Painting of young girl in a dark forest

Thisbe 1996 Oil on Canvas 91x73cm 35.8×28.7″ €995

Mechanical Love

A resin oil painting of a female robot looking at a man who in turn is taking a picture of her in a room with a mirror.

Right Here, Right Now 2015 Egg Tempera and Oil on canvas 81×100 cm 31.8×39.3 ” €995

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