Flowers, Glasswork and Pottery

Spring Blossoms

Flowers, Glasswork and Pottery

One thing I love about Madrid is that explosion of color and light, suddenly, after a freezing cold winter.

This spring painting is one of the last ones I was able to do because of the coronavirus quarantine. 

My Favorite Bottles in a Row 2020 Resin-oil on stretched canvas  41×55 cm  16x 21.6″  €120

Talavera Vase with Almond Blossoms 2020 Spring Resin-oil on stretched canvas 41×33 cm 16×13″  €95

Yellow, pink and white blossoms in tall thin vase. Small painting

Spring Blossoms 2006 Resin-oil on stretched linen 41×33 cm 16×13″  €110

Wild flowers and glass is what I like most in still life especially reflected in the mirror.

Oil Painting of Bugainvillea and Poppies in Pickle Jar. This is on a table reflected in the mirror

Bougainvillea and Poppies in a Pickle Jar 2019 Oil on Canvas 33×41 cm 16×13″  €125

Blue Bottles with a Red Bottle 2020 Oil on Canvas 33×41 cm 16×13″ €125

These daisies grow wild in Madrid, but the bougainvillea is from my terrace.  I grow a lot of the plants I like to paint.

Oil Painting on Canvas of bugainville and daisies in a crystal vase partially refected in the mirror the colors are pinks browns.

Bougainvillea and Daisies in Crystal Vase 2019 Oil on Canvas 41.× 16×20″  €150

These yellow and pink spring flowers vibrate against each other. I will be on the look out for this combination again in the Spring.

Clay Vase with Spring Flowers

Clay Vase with Spring Flowers 2006 Resin -Oil on Canvas 46×55 cm 18×21″  €125 

I Really like to paint these pink blossoms every spring.  

An oil painting of a simple rustic night table with a rachu pinch pot full of Almond blossoms against a white wall. The flowers shadows are cast on the wall and there are little pink petals on the wooden night stand.

Blossoms in Pinch Pot 2005 Oil on Canvas 55×46 cm 21.6×18 ”  €125

Some years here in Madrid it rains more often and these beautiful wild flowers are in the country side for a bit longer than usual.

Large oil painting with brightly colored yet naturalistic colors and shapes of Spanish wild flowers, deep poppies, little purple pettaled flowers and white daisies with a large yellow circle in the middle in a cobolt blue flower vase on top a a high stand guilded in gold against a white wall and wood panel.

Spring Flowers 2005 Egg Tempera and oil on Canvas 73×54 cm 28.7×21″ €200

The Deep Red Poppies and little wild flowers are so colorful and elegante. 

Poppies and wild flowers in blue glass ewer pitcher with figure on the left in painting.

Wild Flowers in Blue Vase 2012 Wild Flowers in Blue Vase 2012 – Egg Tempera on Canvas – 41x 33cm  16 in x 13″   €110

contrasting with and complementing the red vintage glass bottle.  

Spanish wild flowers in Red Bottle with curtain in back ground

Spanish Wild Flowers in Red Bottle 2012 Spanish Wild Flowers in Red Bottle 2012 – Egg Tempera on Canvas – 16 in x 13 in – 41 cm x 33 cm €110

This is the tail end of spring.  It was beautiful while it lasted.

Blue Vase with Oranges

Blue Vase with Oranges 2011 Oil on Canvas 55×46 cm 21.6×18″  €175 

One day there was a gigantic rose on my terrace so…

Pink Rose in blue glass ewer pitcher.

Pink Rose in Blue Vase 2014 Egg Tempera on Canvas 41×33 cm 16×13″  €110

   There is a white rose bush on the terrace.  Sometimes I wait for them to bloom so I can paint them in one of my favorite glass vases.

White Roses in Crystal Vase 2014

White Roses in Crystal Vase 2014 – Egg Tempera on Canvas – 13 in x 16 ”   33 x 41 cm  €110

I  tried a new color to see how it would affect the look of the glass and the pink rose.  The color and light effect is a bit different than usual; I like it. 

Pink Rose in front of Mirror 2014

Pink Rose in front of Mirror 2014 Egg Tempera on Canvas 41×33 cm 16 x13 ”  €110

The candelabra, the blue ewer vase and the Andalusian clay deep dish are my favorite objects.  I like to adorn them with simple fruit.

Egg tempera painting of evening scene with candalabra, glass ewer with a blue leaf design with bananas, red grapes and a pear. In the ewer there are Spanish wild flowers poppies, purple flowers and daisies all reflected in the mirror.

Candalabra with Fruit 2012 Egg Tempera on Canvas 65X46 cm 25×18 ” €250 

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