Landscape Plein Air Painting

Landscape – Plein Air Painting

Fuente de las Ninfas in the Retiro Park of Madrid Spain

Retiro Park in September Madrid, Spain – Egg Tempera on Canvas 73 x 100 cm  (28.7 x 39.3 in)   €1.200 Euros

This is a painting of one of the many fountains located in the Retiro park.  It’s called the Fountain of the Four Nimphs but I haven’t found the authentic name.

Spanish Fountain of Dolphins and Pink and White Roses

The Dolphin Fountain in La Rosaleda del Buen Retiro Madrid Spain 2017 Egg Tempera on stretched linen 33 x 41 cm (13 x 16 in) €200 Euros

This Fountain is called Fuente del Fauno, also in the Retiro Park.  The stone figure and pastel roses contrast so nicely.

Double Dish Spanish Fountain with mythological motif in the Retiro Park in Madrid Spain

Fuente de la Alcachofa 2008 Egg Tempera on stretched canvas 46 x 55cm (18 x 21 in) €228 Euros

Fuente de la Alcachofa is a beautiful double dish fountain with mythological motif in Retiro Park. Madrid Spain.

Mom and Dad's Back Yard 2014

Mom and Dad’s Back Yard 2014 -Oil on Canvas – Location San Diego California €400 Euros

My Mother has a beautiful flower garden.  These roses are right outside the bedroom window in the hot July San Diego heat.

Balboa Park San Diego, California

Balboa Park San Diego, California 1985  Euros Oil on stretched canvas 61 x46cm (18 x 24 in) €214 Euros

A painting of Balboa Park in San Diego, California in the mid-eighties.

Fuente de Narciso Aranjuez, Spain

Fuente de Narciso Aranjuez, Spain €1600 Euros

This is quite a big painting of the Fuente de Narciso in Aranjuez.  We tied this canvas on the top of the car and drove back and forth from Madrid to Aranjuez until I finished it.

Roses West Light September 2006

Roses West Light September 2006 €300 Euros

I remember painting in the noon light.  It was so hot, I could only be there for a few hours per day.

Roses North Light

Roses North Light €300 Euros

Same heat, different day.  There were a lot of white butterflies everywhere.

Rose Garden in September Madrid

Rose Garden in September Madrid €214

This is another view of the Rose Garden in the Retiro Park.

El Puente de Pizarra Cantalojas Spain

El Puente de Pizarra Cantalojas, Spain €395 Euros

Cantalojas is my favorite place to get closer to nature.


El Pinar de Cantalojas, Spain

El Pinar de Cantalojas, Spain €395 Euros

Here is a view of the Forest.  I’ve painted this forest quite a few times.  I love to be in it.

Parque Azorìn Madrid, Spain

Parque Azorìn Madrid, Spain €1250 Euros

Parque Azorìn is near my house, less than five minutes away.  I love the fact that there are fountains all over Spain no matter where you live.

San Francisco Golden Gate Wild Flowers

San Francisco Golden Gate Wild Flowers €80 Euros

This studio painting is of  wild flowers  in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

Belchite Spain

Belchite Spain €350 Euros

Belchite impressed me, this is a painting of post war.

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