Places Spain and California

Places in Spain and California


Oil Painting of a street in Andalucia . There are white walls and bougainvillea

Andalucia 2019 Oil on stretched canvas 41×33 cm 16×13″  €90

Cantalojas, Spain

An oil painting of an old brick layed bridge under a blue sky with a mountain that has low growing shrubs and short evergreen trees, there is river of slow flowing water.

El Puente de Pizarra Cantalojas Spain 2005 Oil on stretched canvas 46×55 cm 18×21.6 in €315 Euros

Cantalojas is my favorite place to get closer to nature and be with old friends.

An oil painting of a path in the forest of Cantalojas, Spain You can see bits of the blue sky through the trees and most of the trees are pine trees.

El Pinar de Cantalojas, Spain 2007Oil on stretched canvas 46×55 cm 18×21.6 in €315 Euros

Here is a view of the Forest.  I’ve painted this forest quite a few times.  I love to be in it.

A small cliff with signs of errosion and a field of golden grass and small trees standing here and there on the slope

Parque Madrid Sur, Spain 2004 Oil on Canvas 33×41 cm 13×16 in €170 Euros

 Belchite Village in Zaragoza, Spain

An oil Painting of Belchite. Belchite under a blue sky with clouds and you can see the ruins of old buildings destroyed by war.

Belchite Spain 1992 Oil on Canvas 61×91 cm 24×36 in €690 Euros

This is a studio painting of Belchite. This village is a monument and reminder of the devastation of war.


Downtown San Diego, Balboa Park Lily Pond

A painting of Balboa Park in San Diego, California in the mid-eighties. This is one of the early plein air paintings I did.

An Acrylic painting of Balboa Park in San Diego. There are eucaliptos trees against a clear blue sky with a large wooden buildiing in the background In the foreground you can see the lily pond with lpink flowers on the top and two trees on either side with white stone rail in the back.

Balboa Park San Diego, California 1985 Acrylic on stretched canvas 61×46 cm 18 x 24 in €350 Euros

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