Portrait – Gallery – Watercolor, Oil, Egg Tempera, Drawing

This page is only about painting people I know.  People who have posed for me or have given me a photograph.  To me it’s obvious which are direct and which are from a photo.  I have quite a few of each kind, so I’m putting them here to see them together.  I like different mediums such as watercolor, oil, egg tempera and pencil.

Watercolor of my son David while sleeping.

My son while he was sleeping, painted it in 2000.  I’m really glad to have painted this moment since it brings back memories.

TSelf Portrait 1997 - Egg Tempera on Canvas - 50 x 64 centimeters - Artist's Collection - Location Madrid, Spain
Self Portrait 1997 – Egg Tempera on Canvas – 50 x 64 centimeters – Artist’s Collection – Location Madrid, Spain

This is me, painted in the mirror 1997, three years after moving to Spain.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child 1994 – Egg Tempera on Canvas 73 x 53cm – Location Madrid, Spain

My Aunt and her baby daughter; in the Alameda evening California natural light.  

Boy in Tree

Boy in Tree 2015 – Tempera on Canvas 46 x 55 cm – Portrait – Location Madrid, Spain

My son in the park, a studio painting.

Beatriz 1996

Beatriz 1996 – egg tempera on canvas – large and lost.

This is my cousin.  She posed everyday for about a week.  The time between when I gave it to her in hand and the next time I spoke to her – it, the painting, got lost.  A mystery to this day.

Woman Surrendered to Sun

Woman Surrendered to the Sun 2013 – Egg Tempera on Canvas – 130 x 89 cm. – Acquired

A large egg tempera painting on canvas;  commissioned portrait from a snap-shot of  significant other. He gave it the title.


Alerie 1993 – Oil on Canvas – 100 x 73 centimeter – Acquired

My good friend Alerie, in the painting she’s wearing bright red clothes, but I only have a black and white of this painting; it’s hers.  Maybe we’ll run into each other one day.

Leasa 1992 - Oil on Woodcut

Leasa 1992 – Oil on Woodcut – Life-size – Acquired

Another good friend Lisa, this is a portrait of her on a wood-cut. It is quite large since it’s bigger than life.  One of my favorite people has this painting and I’m glad. 

Silvia 1993 - Oil on Canvas - Acquired

Silvia 1993 – Oil on Canvas – Acquired

I wanted to do a painting about Cleopatra getting bit by a poisonous snake and my friend posed for a few sessions.

Wedding Day 1993

Wedding Day 1993 – Pencil on Paper – 14 x 20 inches – Artist’s Collection – Location Madrid

I like my Mom and Dad’s wedding pictures.  It’s a good topic to practice pencil on paper since it take a lot of hours to do.

David in Cantalojas 1998

David in Cantalojas 1998 – 9 x 6.5 inches – Artist’s Collection – Location Madrid

I’ve made a lot of paintings and drawings of my son since he was born.  This is a new born painting; less than 15 days.