Glass Bottles and Other Still Life

Glass Bottles

I have a bottle collection.  I like the warm and cold colors of glass and their subtle and sharp reflections.  This resin-oil is a spin-off of a watercolor.

Transparent Bottles of blue, purple, violet, green and red Painting in Oil

My Favorite Bottles 2015 Resin oil on Canvas 33×46 cm 13×18 in 240€ Euros

Colorful Glass Bottles on Shelf is an oil painting. This is a sister painting.  No sooner  had I finished it, a good friend got  it for a special someone. The model was still there so I painted it again with new inspiration.

Oll painting of glass bottles on a narrow white shelf. A clear bottle, a blue glass water bpttñe. a tall brown bottle and a green bottle with a racu pinch pot.

Colorfull Glass Bottles on Shelf 2006 Oil on Canvas 54×73 cm 21×28 in 490€ Euros

An Oil painting of three bottles. On is an Ewer, a blue glass ewer a tall green bottle and a square red bottle on a whte shelf with lots of cast shadows of colors.

Bottles 1993 Oil on Canvas 65×50 cm 25.5x 20 in 405€ Euros

Other Still Life

These salmon were in my sink for a while since ‘they’ went ocean fishing.  They were delicious.

OIl painting of salmon fish in the kitchen sink.

Fish in the Kitchen Sink 1994 Oil on Canvas 73x91cm 28×35 in 825€

An enamel painting on oil done with palette knife of the Grossmont college art department you can see a door to the patio where they do racu and the desks and floor with a blue waste can in the middle of the room. Painting done in realistic colors with a very loose paint stroke. It is very figurative.

Grossmont College Art Department 1986 Enamel on Paper 60.9x46cm 24×18 60€

An oil painting of a pair of white shoes on a silver platter with a tie hanging casually on the corner of the wooden chair. off to the right, there is a table covered with what seems to be part of the wedding dress as it continues off the canvas. There are pinks, greens, blues and browns in the painting.

White Shoes 1983 Oil on Canvas 46×55 cm 17.7×21.6 in 230€

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