Still Life – Oil Paintings for Sale –

I have a bottle collection.  I like the warm and cold colors of glass and their subtle and sharp reflections.  .  I also love Landscape,  

Transparent Bottles of blue, purple, violet, green and red Painting in Oil

My Favorite Bottles 2015 Resin oil on Canvas 33 x 46 cm 13 x 18 in 140€ Location Madrid, Spain

This is the latest glass bottles painting.  It’s a spin-off of a watercolor.  Made with resin-oil.

Colorfull Glass Bottles on Shelf

Colorful Glass Bottles on Shelf 2006 – Oil on Canvas – 54 x 73 cm – 360€  Location San Diego, California

Colorful Glass Bottles on Shelf is an oil painting. This is the second painting of the same scene.  Yes, there is a sister painting.  No sooner  had I finished it, a good friend bought it. The model was still there so I painted it again with new inspiration.

Blue Vase with Oranges

Blue Vase with Oranges 2011 – Oil on Canvas – 55 x 46cm -180€ – Location San Diego, California

In the spring there are a lot of wild flowers.  In this painting, I used the mixed technique of egg tempera and oil.  I was looking for a smooth classical finish.

Wild Flowers in a Pickle Jar 2012

Wild Flowers in a Pickle Jar 2012 – Oil on Canvas 65cm X 46cm – 476€

Wild flowers and glass reflecting in the mirror is what I like most in still life.  This is a resin-oil painting with a candied look and visible brush strokes.

Poppies in Green Bottle

Poppies in Green Bottle 2006 – Oil on Canvas – 18×24 in – 443€ – Location Madrid, Spain

A spring painting on a sunny day.  I like to see the objects behind the glass. This is a resin-oil painting.

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers 2005 – Resin-oil on Canvas – 73×54 cm – 624€ – Location Madrid, Spain

Some years there are more wild flowers than other years.  This is the mixed technique of egg tempera and oil painting.

Fish in the Kitchen Sink 1994-

Fish in the Kitchen Sink 1994- Oil on Canvas – 73x91cm – 350€ – Location Madrid, Spain

These salmon were in my sink for a while since ‘they’ went ocean fishing.  They were delicious.

Clay Vase with Spring Flowers

Clay Vase with Spring Flowers 2006 – Oil on Canvas – 46×55 cm – 98€ – Location San Diego, California

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