Plaza del Conde de Barajas Plaza de los Pintores. White tents with artwork from 39 artists

Plaza de los Pintores at Conde de Barajas Madrid Spain.

This is the Plaza del Conde de Barajas la Plaza de los Pintores.  There are 39 artists who show their work every Sunday from 10-2.  I have a little stand there too.  As of October I have a permanent stand where I show my art too.  I’m really happy about it.

Two ladies standing under a white tent with watercolors.
My stand at Plaza de los Pintores

Here is a snapshop of a friend and I at my little stand of watercolors.

A white tent at Plaza de los Pintores with watercolors, prints and oil paintings

Oil paintings, Prints and Watercolors

I’m really happy to have a little space to show my art whether it be watercolor, print or oil paintings.

Watercolor of Glass Bottles on top of a wardrobe.

Glass Bottles

I’m going to show some watercolors this Sunday.  This watercolor is part of a series called My Favorite Bottles.

Click here on these Links below to see how to get to the Plaza de los Pintores.

From San Miguel Market  and from Calle de los Cuchilleros.

Hope to see you there!

Open Air Watercolor on Fosston Minnesota Farmland

In 2012 I was visiting family in Fosston Minnesota.

A Summer's Day in July 2012

A Summer’s Day in July 2012

 Here, I was sitting under a tree in the shade looking at those hay bales.

Kathy's Place 2012

Kathy’s Place 2012

Every day there was something new in the scenery.   This green tractor was perfect for a farmland watercolor.

A View of Kathy's House 2012

A View of Kathy’s House 2012

I saw the tractor again the next day with some sort of red rake-like piece.

Karen Weeding the Corn 2012

Karen Weeding the Corn 2012

Here, my cousin Karen was pulling weeds, so I got the chance to paint her in the field with her prized corn.

After the Rain 2012

After the Rain 2012

 Suddenly, there was a heavy shower that didn’t last long.  When it stopped raining, the sky opened up to an intense blue with big fluffy violet clouds.

Sunrise on the Farm 2012

Sunrise on the Farm 2012

I woke up early to paint the sunrise.

A View from across the Farm 2012

A View from across the Farm 2012

 Swallows were flying around in circles in the early morning and disappeared as soon as it got a bit warmer with the rising sun.


Stone Painting 2012

In between painting, root beer floats, great food and company, we all did some stone painting and had an open air painting session too. We enjoyed every second.