My Favorite Bottles in a Row Spring 2020

The spring is so beautiful in Madrid.  I’m glad I was able to make a few paintings before the quarantine.  I haven’t gone outside to look at the flowers since March 8th.  

My Favorite Bottles in a Row 2020

My Favorite Bottles in a Row 2020

Blue Bottles with a Red Bottle

These colorful flowers tell me that the cold winter here in Madrid is getting ready to leave and the warm weather is coming soon.  I run out and cut the flowers and paint them as fast as possible before they wilt.

Blue Bottles with a Red Bottle 2020

The first signs of spring in my neighborhood

This painting is a resin-oil painting.

I mix the dry pigments with essential oils and paint with a pallet knife and brushes.  The gloss is in the paint not on the surface.

Here is a little Painting Setup clip of some of the process.  You can see this new painting at  Plaza de los Pintores on Sunday from 10-2.  We are located at Plaza Conde de Barajas in Madrid, Spain.  Hope to see you there.