Watercolor Figurative

Figurative Watercolor

Figurative paintings of mine are normally personal, not always, but this one is.  I remember believing that a daisy would give me the answer.  I no longer need to pluck petals off of daisies.

Small figurative watercolor of young girl with blurred face is plucking petals from daisies.

He Loves Me Not 1995 Watercolor on Arches 300 gms 17.5×13 cm 5 x7 in €30 Euros

Cantos inspired by the Divine Comedy

Canto IV

Watercolor of Two men in front of a Castle wotj trees on both sides and a golden color sky.

Canto IV Dante’s Inferno Canto IV (103-106) The Castle 2016 Watercolor on Arches 300 gsm25.4 x20.3 cm 10×8.9 in €30 Euros

Paradise Lost

A watercolor of a nude red headed woman overlooking the ocean flanked by cliffs under a full moon.

Lorali 2010 Watercolor on arches 300 gms 28.5x38cm 11.2×14.9 €30

Watercolor of a girl looking in a mirror in a forest with a tall building in the back ground seen through the trees.

Reflection 2011 Watercolor on Arches 300 gms €30 Euros

Literature inspires me a lot, especially epic poetry.  This  small watercolor illustrates Book 5 of Paradise Lost.

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