Spanish Fountain of Dolphins and Pink and White Roses

The Rosaleda in the Retiro Park and other Flower Gardens

Oil Painting of Azorín Park. A sunny blue sky with clouds, typical trees in Madrid, the city in the background and a path leading to a flat double pond with a fountain shooting up in the large pond.
Parque Azorìn Madrid, Spain Oil on Canvas 81×100 cm  28.7×39.3 in €1010 Euros
Large Oil Painting of Parque del Principe in Aranjuez, Spain. There is a stone fountain in the center of the painting with a statue of Narciso on the top and the base is made up of 4 statues of Atlas holding up the base of the dish. There are also large birds perhaps geese in the pond shoot up water high in the air.
Fuente de Narciso Aranjuez, Spain 2001 Oil on stretched canvas 100×116 cm 45,7×39,4 in €1,450 Euros
Base of fountain of mythological motif of dolphins
The Dolphin Fountain in La Rosaleda del Buen Retiro Madrid Spain 2017 Egg Tempera on stretched linen 33×41 cm 13×16 in €190 Euros
Double Dish Spanish Fountain with mythological motif in the Retiro Park in Madrid Spain
Fuente de la Alcachofa 2008 Egg Tempera on stretched canvas 46×55 cm 18×21 in €315 Euros
Fuente de las Ninfas in the Retiro Park of Madrid Spain
Fuente de Las Ninfas September Madrid, Spain 2008 Egg Tempera on Canvas 73×100 cm  28.7×39.3 in Location Madrid, Spain €1.200 Euros. 

The Rose Garden in Madrid, Spain

An oil painting of the Rosaleda in September. A large stone vase with fruit in the garden of red roses with a path leading to the park.
Rose Garden in September Madrid 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 41×61 cm 18×24″ €260
Red and Pink Roses painted in west light of the Retrio Park Rose Garden
Roses West light September 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 40×50 cm 16×20″ €200
Red roses painted on the red rose bushes in the Retiro Rose Garden
Roses North light September 2006 Oil on stretched canvas 40×50 cm 16×20″ €200 
An oil painting of Saint Juan's Night. A dark vivid blue sky with buildings in the background, a light blue railing, a short retention clay clolred wall and pink and crimson flowers against the background.
La Noche de San Juan 2002 Oil on Canvas 46×55 cm 18 x21.6 ”   €150
Pink bell like flowers and little blue bell like flowers growing in San Francisco Oil Painting
San Francisco Wild flowers in Golden Gate Park 1993 Oil on Canvas 51x 41cm 20x 16″ €150

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My Favorite Bottles

My Favorite Bottles is the first watercolor I painted of this series with the same name.

with model

This is a large piece of paper, so I taped it to the table.

This series was about painting the bottles in different places in the house.

In process

The paper is very wet.

The technique I used here was wet on wet.

My Favorite Bottle 2014

My Favorite Bottle 2014

I no longer have  this painting.

How A Grid Can Help When Painting a Live Model

Using a grid while painting from life helps you put the model in perspective.

Whenever people see that I have a grid on my paper to paint in watercolor, I’m always asked why I do it since I’m painting from nature.

I like painting  directly without drawing because there is a looseness to it; it’s not that I don’t like drawing or am lazy or something like that.  I like drawing too.

If  you have a preliminary grid on your paper, it’s easier to place the model into space quickly.  Your mind knows the proportions and where everything goes in space.

You are reading  this blog, you paint or draw, so you are familiar with a grid.

Take out a piece of paper, make a grid, put a model in front of you whether it be figure, landscape or still life and try it with any medium.  Try it as an exercise.  I’d be interested to know how it went.

ps  The penciled grid is easily erased if you are using watercolor.

20 minute pose

20 minute pose


Red Poppies and Wild Flowers in Glass Jar April 2015 – The Watercolor Process –

 Red Poppies and Wild Flowers in Glass Jar April 2015  – The Watercolor Process –

The poppy and wild flower season has ended for the year.  I’ve been busy painting because I know how short this season is.  When these flowers dry up in the fields, they are a fire hazard in the city, so they were all cut close to the ground last week.  I wasn’t able to do very many, but I’ll be posting the watercolors I was able to do.

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers in Glass Jar April 2015

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers in Glass Jar April 2015

What I like most about painting these flowers is the combination of colors.

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers

I usually start out with my favorite part and build up around it.

I penciled in the jar lightly to keep parallel lines parallel to the edge of the paper.

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers

I use the poppy as a measurement to see how everything else fits on the picture plane.

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers

Once I have everything in place, I try to do it boldly in one shot to keep it fresh.

Fountain in Retiro Park - Madrid, Spain

Open Air Watercolor in the Retiro Park – Madrid, Spain

It’s almost Spring and the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain is full of Color.

I went to the Retiro in the first week of March to paint a specific fountain near the old zoo, called Antigua Casa de Fieras.   I couldn’t go into the area because it was taped off, but I could still see it, so I was able to make the watercolor I wanted.

Fuente cerca de Antigua Casa de Fieras

This is one of the many beautiful fountains in the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

Fuente cerca de Antigua Casa de Fieras

The Retiro is one of my favorite places to paint.

Fountain in Retiro Park - Madrid, Spain

Fountain by Antigua Casa de Fieras 2015
Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM – 5.5 in x 7.5 in – 14 cm x 19 cm