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Welcome to my Virtual Art Shop! 


You can also find me on Sundays in person at the Plaza de los Pintores from 10:00 to 14:00 in Madrid, Spain.  It’s located at Plaza del Conde de Barajas in the heart of Madrid.

Art stand with watercolors hanging and a portfolio in the foreground

Plaza de los Pintores located at Plaza del Conde de Barajas in Madrid, Spain

Painting Collections 

Flowers, Still Life and Glass Watercolor

Poppies and wildflowers in pickle jar on top on little wooden table in front of a window.

Twenty-four Still Life Watercolors CLICK through

Flowers and Glasswork Collection 

Fourteen Paintings CLICK through

Madrid, Aranjuez and Fountains of Spain

seven Paintings Click Through

Flower Garden Collection

Bright Yellow Flowers with Red spalshed in the middle in a Garden Pot

Six Paintings CLICK through

Glass Bottles and Other Still Life Collection

Transparent Bottles of blue, purple, violet, green and red Painting in Oil

Six Paintings CLICK through

Glass Bottles Watercolor

A watercolor of colorful glass bottles in the rain reflecting on the terrace floor.

Two Paintings CLICK through

Places in Spain and California Collection

An oil painting of an old brick layed bridge under a blue sky with a mountain that has low growing shrubs and short evergreen trees, there is river of slow flowing water.

Five Paintings CLICK through

Figurative Illustration of Epic Poetry

A painting of Eve with light hair and skin under the blue moonlit sky holding an apple

Thirteen Paintings CLICK through

Watercolor Collection

Monuments, Fountains, Rose Gardens

A watercolor of a Spainish Rose Garden with a fountain called La Fuente del Faunito. Pink and Red Roses under a cloudy sky.

Twelve Watercolors CLICK through

City and Rural Watercolor  

Watercolor of the Fallen Angel Fountain in the Retiro Park in Madrid Spain. The sky is blue with a few clouds and the leaves are turning a golden orcher color

Seven Watercolors CLICK through

Seascape and California City and Landscape

Watercolor of La Jolla Cove in San Diego California. A blue sky over the Pacific ocean with land in the horizon.

Twelve California Seascapes and Landscapes CLICK through

Print Collection

Figurative Prints

A oil on paper transfer print. A red head is walking through the forest and there is a wolf in the foreground.

Fourteen Prints CLICK through

Drawing Collection

Drawings on Paper and Pen & Ink Wash

Just drawing a money stash in a can.

Pencil drawing on paper of a can of Pipo Peppers with money stuffed into it and a dollar bill next to the can.

Six Drawings and one Pen&Ink on Paper CLICK through

Thanks for taking the time.  


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