A Piece of Art Celebrates  Any Occasion


Couple in Paradise 21 x 30 cm / 8 x 12 in €300

Couple Reference Size

Two Figures and Background Oil on Canvas 81×100 cm / 32 x 39 in €1,900

A significant other

A woman on a boat relaxing after a swim.

Painting on Canvas €1,200 Euros 130×89 cm / 51″ x 35″

A Portrait of a Child

Painting of Child with Cat. Child has a red shirt and is petting a black and white cat.
Child with Black and White Cat Oil on Canvas 81 x 100 cm / 31.8″ x 39.3 ” €1200

A Portrait

Drawing of a young girl with dark eyes and long pulled back black hair. It's a bust portrait.
Lead Pencil on Paper 46×60 cm 18×24 in  €300 Euros

Wedding Day

A pecil drawing of a bride
Wedding  Day 28×25 cm / approx 11″x10″  €150 Euros



Golden Avenue
Your Patio 81 x 100 €900 Euros

A Wedding Invitation

Ermita White building with bougainvillea creeping up the side of the bell tower.
A watercolor of a special place for a wedding invitation. DM me about this.