Previously Sold Artwork

 This narrow street called Calle del Codo is a street that dates back to the Golden Age in Madrid.

Calle del Codo 2019

One day I was walking home from the Prado Museum and I saw these beautiful shadows cast by the trees.

Paseo del Pradro Madrid, Spain 2018

Spanish poppies against a blue sky with little wild flowers in between work very well together.  These kind of flowers are perfect for this glass ewer since it has a narrow mouth and the stems have to be thin.

Red Poppies and Wild Flowers in a glass blue Ewer. The Ewer is sitting on a white table in front of a window door
Spanish Wild Flowers in Blue Ewer 2019

One of my favorite themes to paint is Spanish wildflowers.

Spanish Poppies in Blue Vase 2015
Spanish Poppies in Blue Vase 2015 In the of Manuel
A large Woodcut painting of a woman walking with wolves
Canto I She Wolf
Fuente del Fauno. A stone fountain in the Retiro Park Rose Garden. The sky has a few light clouds. It is a beautiful realistic tempera and oil painting of a spanish fountain with white roses.
“Victoria, We have the Painting – Beautiful !! I have to say, seeing the real thing – It’s Stunning! The colors will go so well in our house The suttle pinks and whites are masterfully done – very nice! You can almost hear the water splashing in the fountain Thank you so much Victoria, a real treasure to grace our wall Packaging was totally intact, packed very well by the way Now for a frame! Thanks again, we will surely enjoy it”   Miles & Debbie
A living room with some paintings on the wall.
Querida Victoria: Fue un placer hablar un ratito contigo por teléfono, Te envió dos fotografías de tu pintura para que veas que por mi estas entre “los grandes”…, el dibujo de debajo es un ‘drawing’ original de Picasso. Fuera de broma, me encanta tu pintura, toda ella, y a mis hijos también les encantaron las que les di por Navidad.         Gloria
Poppies in Green Bottle

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