This is a miscellaneous page. Here is my latest watercolor of a book I’ve been illustrating over the years.

This Illustration Represent specific verses in Canto VI
Dante’s Inferno Canto VI (13-15) 2016

This isn’t a new painting below, it’s from 1996.  Last night I received this picture of my painting on the wall.  I was really happy to see it again.


The Velvet Dress 1996 on the wall

This painting, called departure, is on another wall.



Departure 1994 on the Wall

This is a painting of our terrace in Vallecas in 2003.  I remember that plant and moment in my life.


Terrace in Vallecas, Spain 2003

I just finished the painting below.  This is not hell, it’s Limbo from Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy.  Canto IV, Limbo 2017.

Canto IV, Limbo 2017

Illustrative figure painting of Canto IV inspired by Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Mixed technique on Canvas 73 x 100 cm. Madrid, Spain

A place where the sky is void of light, Dante and Virgil find themselves in front of a castle emitting a luminous firey hemisphere of light in the darkness.  They saw many before baptism, always longing.


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