Bottles in the Rain

Bottles in the Rain

I am working on a series called ‘My Favorite Bottles’.  Every time I paint them, I put them in a different place in the house so I can study the light, colors and reflections.  It was raining and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to paint reflections of the bottles on a wet floor.

Bottles in the Rain

Bottles in the Rain

Bottles in the Rain

This is my set up.


Here is a full sheet of Arches 300 GSM rough grain.  22 in x 30 in. I only want a half sheet, so I tear it in half. To do this, you fold it over and over again until it is easy to rip. Put it on the table and start at the corner by putting your thumb on the corner. It should start ripping without difficulty.  If not, you need to start the folding again.

A full sheet torn in two.

Now I have two half sheets of 11 in x 15 in.

Tape the paper down

Tape the paper down to a board.   Make sure the edges of the paper is parallel to the board.

Light Wash

I didn’t start with a drawing because I wet the whole paper first by brushing on water. Then I put in the forms with the colors, but lightly in case I need to move something.

Working around the paper

Start building up the color and shaping always trying to get the exact color and form. When you put down the color and shape, leave it there and go to another area of the paper so you don’t build any one object too much.

Continue working around the paper

Respect the light areas in the objects and the background and always work around the paper for harmony.  You can darken some areas when you are sure that that’s where they belong on the picture plane.


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