What is an Artist’s Collection?

An Artist’s Collection is art work the artists keep for themselves.

Keep something from every period of your life because it is  interesting  to see how your ideas and styles  have grown, changed or remained the same over the years.  It is also  relevant in deciding where you want to go.  Keep an example of each style and technique that you had used, you might want to refer to them.  Here is part of my artist’s collection.


Self Portrait 1982

1982 – Self Portrait  –  Watercolor  – More concerned about expression than perfection.

1984 - Death and I - Etching

1984 – Death and I – Etching


The Kitchen Sink 1986

1986  – The Kitchen Sink – Line and Wash

Canto II (94-108) The Gentle Lady in Heaven 1988

1988 –  Canto II (94-108)  – The Gentle Lady in Heaven  –  Transfer Print

Velvet Dress 1991

1991 – Velvet Dress  –  Lithography

Coffee Pot and Jar 1992

1992 – Coffee Pot and Jar – Watercolor Painted in Direct


1993 – Alerie – Graphite on Paper

Love in Times of War 1994

1994 – Love in Times of War –  Egg Tempera Painting

Bottles on Old Table 1998

1998  – Bottles on Old Table – Oil on Canvas  Direct Painting

El Cerro de los Angeles 2000

2000 –  El Cerro de los Angeles  – Open-Air Oil Painting on Wood

I'm keeping this painting because I was with my family and I remember my son running around playing on the left side of the picture plane when he was little.

2001 –  The Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain  – Open-Air Oil Painting

Roses West Light September 2006

2006 –  Roses  in West Light, Rose Garden in September – Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain  – Open-Air Oil Painting

David 2009

2009  – David  – Mixed Media Painting

Wild Flowers in a Pickle Jar 2012

2012 –  Wild Flowers in a Pickle Jar – Resin-Oil Painting painted in Direct

Eve's Dream 2014

2014 –  Eve’s Dream  – Egg Tempera Painting with Gold Leaf


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