My Illustrated Interpretation of Eve’s Dream from John Milton’s Epic Poem Paradise Lost

I’ve been reading Paradise Lost by John Milton and was inspired to paint Eve’s Dream from Book V.  This painting illustrates the moment Eve bites into the forbidden fruit in her dream.

Upon awakening, Eve describes her disturbing dream to Adam.  She tells him that she was awoken from her sleep by a sweet voice whispering in her ear, asking her why she was sleeping and not enjoying the evening in the pleasant light under the full moon when the birds were singing.  Eve gets up and starts walking in the night looking for Adam, thinking that she was following his gentle voice.  Suddenly she finds herself standing in front of the prohibited tree of knowledge which is beautiful by day but even more so by night.  Standing near the tree was an attractive heavenly-looking winged creature that was also looking at the tree.  He pulled the fruit off of the tree and tasted it.  After taking a bite, he held the fruit to Eve’s mouth inviting her to partake also.  The sweet fragrance emanating from the fruit opened her appetite irresistibly. She bit into the fruit and flew upwards with the creature and saw the earth below her. Suddenly her guide vanished and she felt as if she were falling into a deep sleep; however, she woke up relieved to find it was only a dream.

Eve's Dream

Eve’s Dream





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