How A Grid Can Help When Painting a Live Model

Using a grid while painting from life helps you put the model in perspective.

Whenever people see that I have a grid on my paper to paint in watercolor, I’m always asked why I do it since I’m painting from nature.

I like painting  directly without drawing because there is a looseness to it; it’s not that I don’t like drawing or am lazy or something like that.  I like drawing too.

If  you have a preliminary grid on your paper, it’s easier to place the model into space quickly.  Your mind knows the proportions and where everything goes in space.

You are reading  this blog, you paint or draw, so you are familiar with a grid.

Take out a piece of paper, make a grid, put a model in front of you whether it be figure, landscape or still life and try it with any medium.  Try it as an exercise.  I’d be interested to know how it went.

ps  The penciled grid is easily erased if you are using watercolor.

20 minute pose

20 minute pose



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