My Grandmother

I’ve always liked to paint my Grandmother.  She is one of the few people who sits still for a few hours regardless of how the painting turns out.

Maria de Laguno 1982

Maria de Laguno 1982

This is one of the first sanguine pencil drawings I did of her in 1982 in her living room in Madrid.

Maria de Laguno 1982

Maria de Laguno 1982

I took my watercolors with me everywhere I went to capture a moment.  Here we were sitting at a terrace having a coffee after visiting the Prado Museum.

Grandma's Studio 1983

Grandma’s Studio 1983

She had a beautiful, luminous studio in the city center; it was great to be there with her and all of her students.  Here, she was touching up a student’s painting.

Maria de Laguno 1983

Maria de Laguno 1983

I love to hear stories she tells about her life.  She used to talk a lot about her grandmother’s life too.  It was fascinating to hear about how things were so far in the past.

Maria de Laguno 1984

Maria de Laguno 1992

She has the most amazing personality and I wanted to capture it. This watercolor is from 1992 when I visited her 10 years later in the month of June.

Maria de Laguno 2015

Maria de Laguno 2015

As I was looking through my watercolors I noticed that 35 years had gone by between the first drawing and this watercolor from 2015.  This is the day before she moved from Spain to Brazil.  She is 97 years old in this watercolor.  My Grandmother still lives in Brazil and is 98 years old now.  She is a great Artist.  I wish there were a record of all the paintings she has painted.







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