Open Air Painting in Olmeda de las Fuentes June, 2016

The Agrupaciòn Española de Acuarelistas (Spanish Watercolor Society) in Madrid went to the beautiful village called Olmeda de las Fuentes to do some open air watercolor painting.  There were more than 40 of us painting out doors in this small pueblo.


A view at the edge of town

The morning was overcast.  I walked to the top of the hill with two others, a couple, and looked for a nice shady place, ready for a hot day.

first hour


The morning was overcast, no shadows. I waited til the sun came out to paint the cast shadows on the ground.

When I got to this point in the painting, a man who lives in the village pulled up in his car…  It was obvious that I was in his parking place; the only shady place left :).

He was so nice. Before I could say anything he said that I didn’t have to move.

Olmeda de las Fuentes 2016

Hazy June Morning in Olmeda de las Fuentes 2016

 He Parked his car in the sun and asked us if it would bother us.  ‘If it would bother us?’ I mean how nice can you get.

Any way, this is how this painting called ‘Hazy June Morning in Olmeda de las Fuentes’ turned out.  We all got together for lunch.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

 The food was delicious.

We showed each other our drawings.


Argentina with her watercolor

Argentina found a beautiful little corner to paint in the village.

Jose Maria Ysmer 2016

Jose Maria Ysmer

Jose Maria Ysmer always picks the perfect place to paint and his watercolors turn out so picturesque and painterly.

Olmeda de las Fuentes 2016

Olmeda de las Fuentes 2016

After lunch, we painted for another three hours and then returned to Madrid. It was a lot of fun, just like in April.  We all went to Trillo to paint outdoors.



One thought on “Open Air Painting in Olmeda de las Fuentes June, 2016

  1. What a beautiful day and watercolor rendition of the pueblo. I loved your narration of the day. Thank for sharing such a special experience.

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