Fuente de Narciso in Parque del Príncipe. A small watercolor in Aranjuez, Spain.

La Fuente de Narciso in Aranjuez is a beautiful fountain hidden away in the Parque del Príncipe.  I’ve been there many times to paint on site.

A watercolor of the Fuente de Narciso in Aranjuez, Spain. The fountain is of mythological motif. Four figures of Atlas holds up the dish. On top of the dish is a statue of Narciso. He is looking down at the pond below. In the pond are creatures like frogs and crocodile heads that are not clear in the watercolor. The fountain is dry. There are trees in the background against a clear blue sky.

Fuente de Narciso June 2018 Small watercolor 14x19cm 5.5×7.5 in

Mythology:   Narciso was a very attractive young man who had all the attention of all the girls, but he ignored them all.  One, The nimph Eco, came out of the forest with her open arms, he cruelly shunned her so she hid away in a cave until all that was left of her was the eco of her voice.

The goddess of vengeance,  Nemesis, punished Narciso by making him fall in love with his own image reflecting in a fountain.  Unable to separate from his reflection, he threw himself  into the water.  And from the very place he fell a beautiful flower grew to honor him.

The watercolor of Fuente de Narciso held in my hand to see the size.

Here you can see the size. It’s a small watercolor.

Yes, indeed, this fountain is amazing to paint.  That day the fountain was off. It’s even more amazing when it’s on.



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