Early Branch Blossoms Watercolor Painting

Early Bloomers in Pickle Jar 2021

I like painting flowering branches in watercolor because watercolor is a medium that allows me to paint quickly enough to try to capture the feeling.

Almond Blossoms, Japaneses Scarlet Quince and Yellow Retama

These are the branch blossoms that bloom in February here in Madrid. The first three flowers I see after the cold winter are almond blossoms, Japanese quince and yellow retama.

Japanese quince and yellow retama

Here is a closer view of the Japanese quince and yellow retama in pickle jar half filled with water.

Pickle Jar with branches

These three early bloomers grow on twisting branches reaching out in every direction, so that’s why I like to put them in a pickle jar. I want to be able to paint the submerged flowers on the branches.

The Blue Curtain

The blue curtains are in the background. I opened them up and the light came in illuminating the yellow retama.

Size Reference

Here is a picture of the watercolor in full shade. My hands serve as a size reference. Thank you for reading my little watercolor adventure report. Victoria


2 thoughts on “Early Branch Blossoms Watercolor Painting

  1. I love the watercolor and the story. I know how important those first blooms are after a cold winter.
    I love that you put the blossoms in their natural indoor setting with windows, the pretty blue curtains, chairs and other regular indoor furnishings. It makes a very intimate setting.
    Could you tell me the size and price. I am interested in purchasing it.
    Hope you are having a lovely spring in Madrid. I can’t wait to get back to my favorite city and friends there.
    Un abrazo

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    • Hi Penelope, Thank you for asking about the watercolor. The size is 15×11.5 inches. The price is $72 USD. Certified Shipping is included. Hugs, Victoria PS Madrid is still a happening city with kind people. ________________________________


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