Spain – City and Rural Landscape


This is the Calle del Codo.  It means the street of the elbow.  The shape of the street is narrow and has a bend of about 90º.  That is where it gets the name.  This site is the same now as it was in the Golden Age.

Watercolor of street in Madrid from the Golden Age. A narrow street with sighns of wetness from the rain on the stone cut ground. There is a lamp post attached to the left wall which is an orangish color.

Calle del Codo Madrid 2019 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM 28x 14 cm 11 x5.5 ” €35

The Berlin Park in Madrid.  

Parque de Berlin Watercolor Three Slabs of the wall with a waterfountain in the middle.

Parque de Berlin 1997 on Arches 300 GSM 13×17.5 cm 5×7 ” €35 Euros

The Temple Lds in Madrid has a beautiful white facade, impeccably white and a beautiful garden in the back called El Jardin de las Novias or the Bride’s Garden.

A small watercolor of the Lds Temple in Madrid, Spain. There is a beautiful white temple with cypress trees and a cloudy blue sky with pink tones and a tree branch in the foreground.

Templo Lds 2016 watercolor on watecolor paper 15x20cm 10×8 ”  €20

El Cerro de los Angeles is located in the middle of Spain. I can see it from my terrace, so I paint it a lot.

A small watercolor of the Cerro de los Angeles. A big blue sky over the central point of Spain. A little mountain with Sagrado Corazon monument on the top.

El Cerro de los Angeles September 2011 Watercolor – 19x28cm 7.5x11in €20 Euros

Rural Madrid

A chilly afternoon in the town of Bustarviejo. This town is  a Spanish municipality located in the Sierra Norte of the Community of Madrid. Bustarviejo sits on the slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama. 

Forest in Bustarviejo. Stream of Water

Bustarviejo Forest 2017 Watercolor on Arches 300 GMS  38×28 cm 15×11″ €65

Màlaga and Andalucia

El Chorro in Malaga, Spain

A Mountain in Malaga El Chorro, Cloudy sky

El Chorro en Marzo Malaga 2018 Watercolor on Arches 300 GMS – 28×38 cm 11×15″ €110 Euros

Watercolor of El Chorro and the background sky and mountain.

El Chorro March 2018



Cantalojas is my favorite place.  I always take my paints with me when I go.

Little cottage in Cantalojas, Spain. Big cloudy sky of blues and crimsons with a brick colored house on an open prarie with a green leafy tree in the forefround a watercolor

Casa en el Campo Cantalojas Spain 2007 –  Watercolor on Arches 300 gsm – Matted in 8×10″ Museum Board (25.4 x20.3 cm)  €65


Trillo There is actually a waterfall runnning right through the middle of town.  There are houses on both sides of a tripple cascade waterfall.  The town is beautiful too and colorful with black railing all over the little town.

watercolor of waterfall running through a little town called Trillo. Lots of green everywhere and a blue sky

Trillo Waterfall Spain April 25th 2015 Watercolor on Arches 300 GSM – 11 x5.5 ” (28 cm x 14 cm) €35

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