Organizing My Portfolio

Organizing Your Portfolio.

If you paint everyday or almost everyday, you will have a lot of pieces accumulated over time .  Included in this large body of work are favorites — paintings that somehow we don’t want to let go of;  paintings that didn’t turn out so well — but again,  we don’t want to let go of them either for one  reason or another, and the paintings you want to sell

If you plan on showing your work, you really need to start separating what you can’t live without from what you want to sell.  This seems obvious, but you have to think about what you really want to sell and let go of.

The pieces you want to keep are called ‘the artist’s collection‘.   The work you want to sell and your ‘artist’s collection should be in two separate portfolios.

Another important point that can’t be emphasized enough – is that you must take a picture of every piece and record the size as soon as possible. When someone wants to acquire a painting of yours and you don’t have a picture, it’s too late. The painting just walked out the door and you don’t have a record of it for yourself.

I have three portfolios:  Portfolio, Artist’s Collection and Rough Drafts.

Thanks, Victoria

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Artist's Collection

Artist’s Collection

Rough Drafts

Rough Drafts


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