Rough Draft Watercolor, Tempera & Resin-Oil (Mixed Media)

Starting with a rough draft in watercolor from a thought is  the way I sometimes begin a painting; continuing  with tempera and finishing with Resin-oil is how I might finish a painting.


draft 1

draft 1

I usually do some small rough drafts  before starting a painting.  These first five drafts are watercolors.

Draft 2

Draft 2

So anyway,  this is just what I did.  I started with five or six small rough drafts in watercolor.  I picked one and started a  80 cm x 100 cm canvas painting of the watercolor in egg tempera technique.  After copying the watercolor as best I could, I continued building up the idea and the paint.  I finished with resin-oil which gives the finish a candied look.

I like big formats, so I try to have a clear idea. I like large but not too large sizes like  80 cm x 100 cm and 150 cm x 100 cm.

draft 3

draft 3

Tempera is great for under-painting or you can leave it as is – unvarnished.   It’s so quick and changeable and accepts oil over-painting perfectly well as a finished painting.

draft 4

draft 4

The thought is that I’m interested in robotics in the sense of West World and Artificial Intelligence; two emotionally impacting movies I saw that surprised me.

draft 5

draft 5

I’ve been looking at some of the latest robots in you tube as well as other things and fiction is becoming reality as usual.

Draft 1

Draft 1

My painting is about how fiction and reality are closely knit.

There is something about robots; I’m sure you’ve noticed too.




Tempera underpainting



Unrequited_desire  80cm x 100 cm

Resin Oil on Canvas – In Process




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