Dante’s Inferno Canto VI (13-15) Cerberus 2016 – Watercolor on paper –

The Divine Comedy (Illustration)

Dante awakens in the 3rd circle.

Cold dirty rain-fall, mixing with heavy hailstones, pounding down, finally, streaking the nude bodies of the condemned souls lying supine in the filthy mud.

Cerberus, the three-headed, dog-like worm beast stands over the souls clawing at the slightest movement made by the supine lying in the filth.

Dante’s Inferno Canto VI (13-15) 2016

This is my first draft for a tempera under painting which will finally become an oil-resin painting.

I like to start with what I see in the mind’s eye when I read Canto VI, staying true to what I read.

 You’ll have to read Canto VI of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri to find out what each circle holds and why they are there.


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